The Survivor’s Guide to High Conflict

You know you have it, but do you know how to survive it?


Does the conflict in your life make you feel sick and anxious?

Then jump in and reduces that stress!

What You'll Learn


3 Keys to Understanding High Conflict Personalities: gaslighting, love bombing, and other common tactics. You'll learn how to identify signs that you may be trauma bonded with your partner.


Breaking the Trauma Bond: including what to say to shut down an argument, how to rewire your brain to settle in minutes, and a little known secret.


Mind-blowing Communication Tactics: Implementing peace and improving your long-term outlook.


"Liz generates participant buy-in by cultivating a sense of safety and comfort to deescalate conflict and move the parties towards resolution. She is able to bring parties to the table to create the space they need to design creative, flexible and ultimately sustainable solutions."

-Liz Walker
Senior VP
Land Use Entitlements
and Strategic Planning at
Wireless Policy Group, LLC

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What Others Are Saying

"Simply put, Liz gets it. Focused on the results, she capably guides difficult cases toward resolution in artful fashion. She has a good, even demeanor and provided helpful information to the parties about their dilemma."

-Kevin Massaro, Senior Associate Attorney at Pickard Law, PC

"Liz is certainly in this for the well being of both her clients in divorce mediation. She knows how to handle high-conflict personalities and to keep both with their eyes on the ball of getting through divorce with your bank accounts and sanity still in tact."

-Carl Roberts, founder of Splitsmart

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